Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results?

You will typically see results within 45-60 days after your first round of letters go out. It’s important to understand that the credit restoration process takes time and a set timeframe isn’t feasible to provide. Outcomes vary based on your individual situation. The good news is the sooner you get started on the credit restoration process, the sooner we can get you closer to achieving your goals.

How can I speed up the process of credit restoration?
  • Paying your bills on time by setting reminders of the due dates for all your bills or setting your recurring bills up on automatic bill pay
  • Keeping your credit utilization below 30% on all revolving (credit card) accounts
  • Not opening new accounts while in the program unless instructed to do so in Plan of Action
  • Never close any accounts, including credit cards (that causes immediate point decreases)
  • Following the recommendations of your credit repair specialist and allow us to do what we love and are certified to do.
  • Not attempting to work on your credit yourself.
How long will I be in the program?

Our clients are typically in the program between three (3) to six (6) months depending on the client’s credit scores and credit status when they join the program.

Is my information secure?

Yes, we adhere to a very strict privacy policy that protects all of your valuable information. All client information is protected on a secure server and backed up routinely. To ensure documents are not compromised, we shred all paper documents after saving them in our database. We use secure computer terminals as well as an encrypted database. Our software is protected by 256-bit SSL security. Every Credit Lift employee is trained to properly verify customer information and never to disclose this information to unauthorized parties.

I am receiving settlement offers from debt collectors, does paying them automatically get them removed from my credit file?

No. Paying off an old collection will cause a negative chain reaction.  One is it will prove that the debt belongs to you. That account stays on your credit file and still reports as a negative account. The only exception would be if the debt collection company agreed to do a pay-for-delete and it is strongly recommended to get that in writing before payment is submitted.

Do you offer complete credit sweeps, where you delete every negative item off my credit file?

No we do not offer credit sweeps. We also do not guarantee that every negative item can or will be deleted from your credit file. 

If you remove an item from my credit file, do I still owe the debt?

Yes you do. If the debt does indeed belong to you and the account is still within the statute of limitations the original creditor or collection agency not only can continue to attempt to collect but they can also sue the client for the owed balance.  


Credit monitoring is necessary to monitor any updates (including but not limited to deletions and credit score changes from all 3 bureaus). The bureaus have not been consistent with sending out correspondence to keep consumers updated about the outcome of disputes. For that reason, credit monitoring is mandatory with all our programs. Keep in mind also this is a Vantage scoring model.

When is the best time to start your credit restoration journey?

The answer is dependent on your personal goals and financial situation. We do not want to add any undue duress to your finances, so we recommend allocating money toward your credit restoration and starting the program when you can afford it. With also keeping in mind that cutting back on simple purchases (such as fast food) can free up the funds needed to repair your credit. It is a small sacrifice for a Big reward.  Bad credit does not happen overnight and neither does the restoration process.

What type of client is a good candidate for our program?

A client that can afford to pay for credit repair services and is committed to the process. (See Pricing)

A client who can receive instruction and follow suggestions and open to receiving feedback.

A client who can afford their existing expenses and are not currently making late payments.

A client who will upload all correspondence in the timeframe specified in the client contract agreement.

A client who will not attempt to work on their own credit or seek another credit repair company to work on their credit while Credit Lift Inc is working on their credit without first cancelling services with Credit Lift.

A client who will communicate through their client portal only after the onboarding (excluding monthly client update appointments).

I had a great experience; how can I submit a review?

Credit Lift Inc is happy that we were able to service you. In the event we did not live up to your expectations, we also want to hear from you so that we can continue to improve on our customer service. The best way to send a review is to send it directly to your Credit Repair Specialist via client portal message. You may also submit a Google, Yelp, or Facebook review online.


At Credit Lift Inc® we are passionate about helping our clients improve their credit profile to ultimately achieve their goals. We do our best to assist clients with their credit repair needs and we value customer satisfaction!

By law we cannot make any verbal or written promise, or guarantee of outcome, score increases, or timing of credit repair services.

However, Client’s may request a refund if they believe that Credit Lift did not complete the obligations as defined in our Terms and Conditions, or the Client’s signed agreement.

Refund of up to 100% of total price may be possible to the Client only if all the below conditions exist:

  • Client has been current on all payments, without any NSF’s, pauses in service, and Client has completed all payments per the agreement.
  • Client must be current on all payments to Credit Lift Inc, and Client shall have completed all payments per agreement.
  • Client must have followed all Credit Lift Inc directions based on the suggest Plan of Action. (Excessive time spent with clients in any form of communication, or personal meetings will count against the allocated time per plan, and obviously reduce time spent on actual credit repair, therefore client may not get optimal results).
  • On existing credit lines at time of signed agreement, and on any newly obtained credit, recommended in Plan of Action by Credit Lift credit specialist, Client always made at least the minimum payment due on time per industry suggestion (which was communicated with the Client.)
  • Upon signing Credit Lift Inc agreement at onboarding client strictly followed at least one of several suggested methods to improve or increase scores as noted in the Plan of Action.

Refund Policy:

Consumer will receive a full refund of monies paid if there are no deletions of derogatory items within 120 days from the date Consumer signed this Agreement.

Consumer may cancel this Agreement at any time with written email notification, or telephone communication.

To receive a 100% refund of total money paid to Credit Lift Inc, the Client shall request such refund in writing and mail into 17350 State Highway 249, Suite 220, #4095 Houston, Texas 77064.

Credit Lift Inc shall review the request to confirm if Client complied with the terms of our Refund Policy which can take 7-10 business days after letter is received. Credit Lift Inc shall determine the final refund is due and the decision shall be final.

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